7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend a Montessori School

Is Montessori right for my child?

The Montessori method may have faced criticism from all over the world, but these are the strong points that prove it is the best choice for your child’s early education.

1.It encourages active learning.

The Montessori designed environment is set up in a way where children are free to move around the classroom at their own will and pace. Compared to the traditional teaching methods of sitting for long periods of class in one desk, Montessori encourages child learning through different sets of activities designed appropriately for their age group and interest. This makes the learning process healthy for the motor and sensory functions of the child.

2.It promotes child’s social development.

The multi-age and individualized approach of Montessori let children view each other’s differences and learn to respect them. They can communicate as they work together or choose to quietly work by themselves at times. With this, your child learns to participate in a group or team efforts with no pressure whatsoever.

3.It stimulates your child’s natural love for learning.

Every child has an innate curiosity and will to learn. The Montessori materials and activities naturally bring out the inquisitive nature of your child allowing them to enjoy while discovering things on their own will. The child is able to interact with the subject matter rather than simply memorizing facts or looking at the fine prints. This way, the learning is fun and more memorable to them.

4.It is child-focused.

The focus of the learning is the child. The students are allowed to explore activities and materials at their own pace. It facilitates learning at a comfortable speed for each student rather than keeping up or lagging behind with fellow students. You can be assured that your child is never bored or frustrated. They are getting the knowledge they need when they want it. The Montessori’s emphasis on individualism battles the message of conformity and peer pressure that is all too rampant in an ordinary school setting.

5.It facilitates key developmental stages growth.

The hands-on learning allows your child to excel in their developmental stages. Because Montessori is based on what each learner’s need rather than what the standard curriculum requires, children are being able to cover a wide range of capabilities with the added freedom of choice.

6.It fosters self-confidence.

With Montessori, young learners can start to realize that they have the ability to do things for themselves. This gives their confidence a great boost. As a parent, you can be happy to see a proud beaming face at each classes knowing they have done stuff on their own.

7.It is a fun learning experience.

The children are highly satisfied with the way they acquire knowledge. In Montessori, they do things for the fun and love of learning and discovering. Its learning environment is designed to be a great place for different types of learners to meet and interact with each other. It is where learning is fun and every student can be creative. Plus children spend some time to play in the fresh air in a secure learning environment.