Montessori School Near Carmel Valley

Del Mar Montessori School in San Diego nearby Carmel Valley is a fun and enabling learning environment for children. We pride ourselves in offering an authentic Montessori experience for our students.
Maria Montessori’s methods have produced some of the most notable leaders and scholars of our time. Current research on best educational practices and neuroscience further support her approach even more.

In close proximity to Carmel Valley, Del Mar Montessori students are diverse in interests, personality, and learning styles.

Carmel Students


The goal of the Montessori method is to help kids reach their full potential in every aspect. Through the years, we have shown consistency in our outcomes.

We do not discriminate on any basis in the administration of our policies, practices, or procedures. This includes the admission process, educational services, and tuition assistance.

Students at Del Mar Montessori are well prepared academically and demonstrate confidence, creativity, competence and a genuine love of learning. The focus of the school is on the individual child and providing an environment that inspires a lifelong love of learning.


  • We use authentic methodology and philosophy of the Montessori method
  • Serves ages 5-14 years old
  • A natural play area encourages a wide range of creative outdoor play
  • Peaceful, supportive, community-centric culture
Application Process


We find that most visitors or interested parents are not familiar with Montessori and as such we recommend everyone interested in enrolling living in Carmel Valley to first take a tour of our Montessori.
We schedule tours in the morning on a school day which gives you a chance to see how a Montessori classroom operates from an observation point of view.

Our head of school will lead the tour provides an overview of our Montessori approach to education.

After touring the school parents can submit their application for enrollment. For applicants who have prior school experience, the application should include all school records.

When we receive a completed application, we will schedule an introduction to the environment for the student. Instead of testing the child, a teacher will visit with your child to get acquainted with the child’s social and academic development.

The fundamental aim of these processes is to simply determine readiness for school and ensure a successful transition from Carmel Valley upon acceptance.

After the initial meetup, our admissions team will review the application package while giving enrollment and placement recommendations. Within two weeks following the application, we will give applicants will receive a call to inform them of the admission team’s decision.


At Del Mar Montessori, our classrooms are designed to create a learning environment that encourages children to express themselves freely.

This means that the spaces are suited to group activities and areas where a student can settle in and work alone.

What you will not find in this educational method, is the conventional rows of school desks. Here, children work on tables or on the floor, rolling out mats for instance on which to work and define their workspace.

Girl at Tree

Our classrooms have well-defined spaces to make each part of the curriculum, such as Language, Arts, Math, and Culture, become more interactive and interesting. Each of these areas is equipped with shelves or display tables filled with a wide range of materials to keep students engaged and interested.

The Montessori system has been proven to nurture every aspect of a child’s developmental needs making it ideal for parents seeking an all rounded, happy, well-adjusted child.

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