In our school the first and most important thing that needs to happen is what Dr. Montessori called normalization.

This is first and foremost in my mind. Get to know, I mean really know the people in
your class. Depending on age and background some children can have as much baggage
as adults. Use your sense of observation this will help you see them better. It is more
important than the lessons you have planned. When people feel accepted and valued they
will progress in life with ease.

There is a fine line between making children comfortable and allowing them to dictate what
goes on in school. Everything should be handled without anger or frustration and with
consideration of the individual and the group. As time progresses it will become second
nature to everyone.

I believe there are 4 keys to our school:
1. Honesty
2. Respect
3. Kindness
4. Humor

Once all 4 are brought into play you will be astounded at what the children can do and love doing.
Children love to be challenged to learn new and exciting things. They love to help in the community
and do it with such a sense of pride.

A child is not a burden. Sometimes they get off on the wrong path and this is where the Guide
comes in. Please do not tell your child he/she has problems because they are smarter,
better, cuter then everyone else. Remember honesty and help them don’t hurt. Value them
for who and what they are.

So many people spend a life time trying to prove themselves. Our children seem to move into adulthood
with a confidence that says they know who and what they are and are happy with that.