If you are looking for quality education for your child, at Del Mar Montessori school we employ the Montessori educational system founded by Dr.Maria Montessori.

This educational system has had a long successful track record than any other educational system in the world.

The system’s approach has been proven to offer and deliver on a broad vision of education that supports the full development of the human being.

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Del Mar Montessori is a healthy, happy, educationally sound community for children of ages 5 – 14 years. Our focus is to educate children in a fun, organized and stimulating environment that inspires them towards a lifelong love of learning. We achieve this by following their natural developmental trajectory.

The Montessori method has produced independent and responsible children who are confident in their own abilities.

At Del Mar Montessori, we are committed to nurturing children using the positive social development of the Montessori education program as it encourages children to pursue learning and knowledge.


The Montessori curriculum allows children to work in groups or individually. Through classroom activities, children learn to respect themselves, the environment and other community members.
Care for the environment for us means traditional practical life exercises and organic gardening, composting, recycling, preparation of meals, canning and preserving foods.

Our focus last year was to use food grown within a 15-mile radius of our school.
Subjects such as reading, composition, literature, math, sciences, history, Latin, global studies, geography, art, music and physical development stem from the great lessons set forth by Dr. Montessori.

Our cosmic education includes outings in the community. We let the children participate in suggesting, choosing and setting up these activities which include; museums, concerts, historical sites, hikes, libraries, and camping.


Our classrooms creates a learning environment where children can actively take part with confidence.

Montessori classrooms understand that children are naturally curious; thus, we encourage this by providing them with opportunities to engage in spontaneous activities that are filled with purpose and under the guidance of a trained adult.

Because they are allowed to express themselves, children become more focused and have a sense of joyful self-discipline. The children are also given the freedom to progress at their own pace and capabilities.

With a career that spanned over five decades, Dr. Maria Montessori has thoroughly observed children from a broad spectrum of socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds from birth to maturity. With her vast experience and intense observation, she was able to develop a unique method based upon a deep understanding of child development.

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A testimonial from one of the parents a Mrs. Jackie-H whose children attended Del Mar Montessori speaks volumes on the quality of education we offer. She says “when our children entered Del Mar Montessori, it was to have fun for a year and then go public. We stayed for eight years and never regretted a minute of it. Both our girls have been at the top of their high schools. But there is something even more important, they approach everything in life with such a clear and keen interest and have profound respect for so many people and things. You honestly cannot do better”.

Part of our mission at Del Mar Montessori is to help guide children to a space of independence and self-assuredness.

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