At our Del Mar Montessori school in San Diego, we aim to make students become lifelong learners, independent, have a good academic foundation, and socially confident about their place in the world. We do this by providing an individualized learning for them so we can focus on each of their unique needs.

Our Montessori school San Diego is proud to offer a nurturing and a non-competitive environment for all ages emphasizing the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Through our primary and elementary classes, our Montessori program has prepared multitudes of children for vibrant and meaningful involvement in the community. The very center of Montessori philosophy is respecting children as they learn and creating a carefully prepared classroom or environments that foster the fulfillment of each child’s highest potential.

Our teachers use this dynamic educational approach to carefully observe and best meet the ever changing developmental needs of every student.


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  • Freedom within limits
  • Guided choice of work activity
  • Uninterrupted blocks of work time
  • Multi-age groupings that foster peer learning
  • An aesthetically pleasing classroom environment
  • An emphasis on respect for other people and the environment
  • Uniquely designed Montessori learning materials

Our San Diego Montessori school classrooms provide a specially designed learning environment where children are encouraged to actively participate.

The curriculum is part of every aspect of the learning environment which is applied through carefully designed and sequenced hands-on learning materials and activities. At Del Mar Montessori, each classroom is well-equipped and well-organized contributing to the learning experience of the child without being intimidating.

Our Learning Materials

Here at our Montessori in San Diego, we use materials that embody the unique curriculum of the Montessori method. They are designed to encourage the child to use logic and independent discovery. In this learning environment, the child experiences highly personalized learning curriculum.

The teacher or guide will show the child how to use the material independently, the child is then allowed to engage with them at their own pace and in accordance with their own needs and interests.

The learning materials are enticing, provocative and simple to use, and they are placed in beautifully crafted and accessible shelves. They are arranged from left to right and in order of their sequence in the curriculum, from the simplest to the most complex.

The materials encourage abstract learning and introduce ideas that become increasingly complex. As students progress and master the materials, the teacher replaces some materials with others, ensuring the level of challenge continues to meet their needs.

A Harmonious Community

A Montessori classroom exudes harmony and respect. It is common to see students of different ages working together where older students act as mentors to their younger classmates.

Members of the class address each other with respect and in modulated tones. Although classes are always full of activity, they also respect silence.

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Students learn to take care of their environment by taking turns to take care of the plants and pets. They also learn to contribute in retaining order by helping put materials back on the shelves after use and ensure outdoor spaces are litter free and groomed.

Children show courtesy and grace as well as consideration in the welfare of others. The phrase, “let me give you a hand,” is a common refrain in our classrooms.

The Montessori system of education is a joy for all parties involved: students, teachers/guides, and parents. Parents are welcome to call with any queries regarding enrollment or the Montessori method of educating children.

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