To make your life and your child’s life easier you should start early…

but things can be started at any time.

It is very important to take the time to teach your child to be a member of your family community. Parents with very young children should read “How To Raise An Amazing Child”.

By helping your child to become a functioning member of your family community, you make your life and theirs easier and happier.

When your toddler takes a walk in the garden or park be there. Walk slowly and notice with them all the little pebbles, ants, leaves or whatever they discover. You can always wash up when you get back inside.

When its time fold laundry a 2 year old can fold washcloths, you can do it perfect later.

Setting the dinner table can be done by young children or older ones as can cleaning and washing up.

For young children create a corner in the kitchen for the little cloths, bucket, broom what ever they may need.

As the children progress in age they will be preparing their own school lunch, taking care of needs such as clothing, books, things needed for the morning.

Your child will be well prepared for the future while feeling like an important member of the family.

It is so tempting to put your preschooler in front of a movie and do the work yourself.

We all know its faster and way less messy but the truth is the cost paid is WAY to much.